220€+ 15€/person
2 Saunas Smokesauna for 6


A combination of a pine log smoke sauna, a wood-heated sauna and and a small living room- kitchenette, built in 2012. - living room-kitchenette - 2 saunas - washing room, shower - dry toilet - electric light, stove, fridge, cold and hot water - heat storing fireplace, microwave, TV Child-friendly shallow, gently sloping sandy beach. Nearest neighbor 150 m. Smoke sauna is heated for quests only by Norppa-Majat personnel.



Experience traditional wood-heated Smokesauna, which is heated up for 4-5 hours and therefore offers a gentle heat for several hours.

A wood-heated sauna

Our Smokesaunaworld has also a wood-heated (normal) sauna, so you can easily compare löyly's between these two saunas.


It's good to have the possibility to wash with warm water, especially if you have dipped into Lake Saimaa during early spring or late autum when water is allready bit chilly.


After sauna experiences you can prepare a dinner in kitchenette or barbeque outdoors.

Rowing boat

Rowing boat is handy for short sightseeing and fishing trips to Lake Saimaa. Life jackets and 2 fishing rods included.

Lake Saimaa views

And last but definitely least Lake Saimaa views are amazing.


Smokesauna for 6 person. Additional services: - final cleaning 60€

Smokesauna experience
Max 6 person
220€/time +15€/person
  • Smokesauna, max 6 person
  • Traditional, uniq experience
  • Heated by Norppa-Majat personnel
  • Norppa-Majat quests (accommodation rental) --price 25% off